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If you wonder which of Greg's paintings resonates with the most people most often, we have taken the guesswork out for you. Here you will find a compilation of Greg's most beloved work. These portraits hold meaning, and perhaps, endow their owners with their own sense of power or reverence for a seemingly forgotten culture, a knowledge of one's primal self that, if harnessed, can welcome light, knowledge, and a deeper sense of purpose.

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Fresh from Greg Overton's studio, these latest works of art are what is new today. Here you will find prints of original paintings that are currently hanging on the walls in high-end galleries or have been recently purchased by art collectors. This is the style Greg is painting at the moment. Become part of the momentum and current creative process, welcome to New Arrivals.

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These smaller-format canvases are the perfect solution if you have a smaller space to fill. Though less imposing than our custom canvas prints, they have a huge impact. Display your powerful portrait framed, or not. These beautifully wrapped and gallery-quality prints can be hung with or without a frame. You will feel the primal power of whatever warrior you choose to display as you focus on bringing that power more fully into your own space and life.

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Hand-created by artisans Greg trusts explicitly and works with exclusively. These large-format premium canvases are printed by the best, using only the best. They are then hand-stretched by Greg's personal and exclusive canvas stretcher, the same man who stretches the canvases for his original paintings. If you choose to have your canvas hand embellished, it is then delivered to Greg's studio where he makes it into a one-of-a-kind creation. No two are ever the same! And these gorgeous replicas are as close to an original painting as it gets, and nearly indistinguishable.

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Beautiful, matte-finish prints on thick, durable paper. These are our most popular type of prints and all of Greg's paintings are available as Fine Art Prints. Welcome the story and image of a great warrior into your space. These masterfully painted portraits will bring a primal power into your life and surround you with impressive and primal energy.

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Some, but not all, of Greg's work is available pre-framed. Now you can save time and money getting your fine art print custom framed. Greg's customers are thrilled with the convenience and how the pre-framed art prints look on their walls. The power and dimension of the art shines through and is even magnified by these simple, classic frames. Choose from black or white frames and receive a ready-to-hang masterpiece shipped right to your door.

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Large and impressive 30x40 prints that are touched by the master. Greg signs each print individually. These prints are custom created locally, by Greg's trusted source. As Greg lends his signature to each piece, he honors you, the recipient. Display your custom print with pride, knowing that it came straight to you from the master artist himself.


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These high-quality photographic prints on glossy luster paper are ideal for framing and displaying in your home. We highly recommend resisting the urge to peek at your print when you receive it. Instead, take it directly to a professional framer to avoid any damage to your print. We know you will enjoy displaying this print in your home for many years to come.

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Greg often takes photographs of the subjects he plans to paint. The Greg Overton Photography collection is a result of years of photoshoots intended for painting. However, Greg wants to share his love of these people and places with the world through this intimate and telling collection. Welcome into this primal world that endures today.

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