Hand-Signed Prints: What to Expect

Hand-Signed Prints: What to Expect

Congratulations! You will soon be the owner of a Greg Overton, hand-signed print! This blog post is to answer the most common questions we get and to let you know what to expect so you have the best experience possible.


While the hand-signed prints are listed as 30x40", the image itself may not be 30x40. This is because Greg creates his masterpieces on custom built canvases that don't always translate well to standard size prints. Every once in a while you will get lucky though and it will fit perfectly. Please note: if you can tell the image of the painting is square, the print will be square and you will have to remove the access paper. 

(photo curtesy of customer)


We always recommend that you have your prints professionally framed. We also recommend that you wait to peek at them until you take it to the framer. Your framer can perfectly fit the custom frame to your print and leaving it in the packaging will avoid damaging the print.

If you are all about DIY (we get it) make sure you wear gloves and are very careful removing your print from the packaging so you can measure it before you order a frame. Put your print back in the packaging while you wait for your print to arrive. Ordering a 40x30 frame before your frame arrives and expecting it to fit is likely to result in disappointment.

(photo courtesy of customer)


Because hand-signed prints are printed locally and signed by the artist, the production times are a little longer, but worth the wait. When your print ships you will receive a shipping notification from Nichols Photo Lab with tracking. You can expect to receive your print about 6-8 weeks from the order date.

We hope you enjoy your incredible prints!


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