Hand-Embellished Prints: What's the Big Deal?

Hand-Embellished Prints: What's the Big Deal?

Hand embellished prints are the closest thing to an original painting that I can give you. Here's how it works... I have my local artisans, the best of the best, create a gorgeous custom, large and impressive, canvas print. I am talking gallery quality. You will seriously be impressed with the quality. 

Then, I have this canvas delivered to my gallery and put it on my easel. I let the piece talk to me and I talk back, adding a one-of-a-kind addition. Each time the creative process is different and each piece ends up being completely unique.

I then have the company that ships my work to galleries, come and build a crate for it and ship it to you. 

Watch me hand embellish on an Instagram live.


Here are some examples of what I have added in the past to make each piece something new and original. Keep in mind, these are snapshots from my phone so they aren't the greatest.

I never have hand-embellished prints professionally photographed so you are the only one with that particular image; it's all yours!

Black Hand (hand -embellished, added war paint). Compare to original.

Here are a few more examples...

First American (hand-embellished changed the warpaint) Compare to original

Soul Catcher (hand-embellished added cool glow effect) Compare to original

Ghost Wolf (hand-embellished added yellow war paint) Compare to original

Black Dragon Samurai (hand-embellished added glowing, green eyes) Compare to original

What about shipping internationally? I can't ship a large canvas internationally (Canada is an exception usually). So I have the canvas removed from the stretcher bars, roll it, and have it sent across the world. When you receive it, just take it to a framer and they can stretch it for you.

How long does it take to get it? It takes a while for my people to print and build it and then it takes a while for me to do my part. So I say to expect it in 6-8 weeks. This is why I am only offering hand-embellished prints during the month of October from now on. Last year I had so many orders it took me a long time to get them out and not everyone was able to get their art in time for Christmas, and I don't want that to happen again this year.

I am excited to create something very special for you! SHOP HAND EMBELLISHED PRINTS NOW

- Greg

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