The Making of The Soul Catcher

The Making of The Soul Catcher

The Soul Catcher is the most challenging painting I have ever done! One reason was the intense amount of detail in the war paint and in the snake's skin. I took painstaking efforts to get the detail perfect, without overworking the piece. It is a fine line between immaculate detail and overworking a painting. I had to find the perfect balance. The other reason it was so challenging was because it was a commission for my friend, Joe Rogan, maybe you've hear of him? I wanted to create something truly spectacular for Joe. Not only because he would show it to the world, but as a token on my gratitude for how he had helped my career.  

soul catcher by greg overton

This is what I wrote about Soul Catcher for my website: A shaman of incredible power. The Soul Catcher travels between this world and the next. Gathering the fragments of shattered souls. Piecing them together and returning them to the bodies of their owners. A healer, a traveler, a dreamer. He is, The Soul Catcher.

 soul catcher painting by greg overton

When I create a painting, and I'm not painting a real person, I create the character in my mind. The subject of the painting becomes a real person to me. I get to know them personally. I understand them. I can see how they move and I get how they think. I am in awe of them. And then I paint them.

 greg overton fine art soul catcher oil on canvas

That was also the process for creating Soul Catcher, but this time I had some help. Joe and I collaborated on the ideas. He wanted something like Voice of Thunder, but forward facing. He also wanted me to include the snake and skull, which, to him, symbolize the state of Texas where he had just moved. Together we created a pretty incredible work of art! I am beyond honored that Soul Catcher hangs in the Rogan's home.

- Greg

Soul Catcher is available in the following formats:

Throw Pillows
Custom Canvas Prints
Fine Art Prints
Canvas Prints
Framed Fine Art Prints
Hand-signed Prints 

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