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BLOOD HAND BEAR | Custom Canvas Print

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Free Shipping!!! Custom, high-end canvas print that looks remarkably like an original painting. Large and impressive size that looks amazing on the wall either framed or unframed. Custom created by my preferred local printer.

Hand embellished custom canvases are available for an additional thousand dollars. I personally add paint to the print and even change it up a little. This is as close to a Greg Overton original painting as it gets!

Blood Hand Bear, the Shaman who is both a warrior and a healer, looks resolutely into the heart of the observer. He has endured unimaginable physical trials to step into his great power. The bear is among the most fearsome of animals and is also a great source of healing to those who understand its ways. An iron will, combined with a powerful body and spirit, makes for a complete human being.

BLOOD HAND BEAR | Custom Canvas Print



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