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BLACK MOOON | Custom Canvas Print

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Free Shipping!!! Custom, high-end canvas print that looks remarkably like an original painting. Large and impressive size that looks amazing on the wall either framed or unframed. Custom created by my preferred local printer.

Hand embellished custom canvases are available for an additions thousand dollars. I personally add paint to the print and even change it up a little. This is as close to a Greg Overton original painting as it gets!

Black Moon, the Lakota warrior, wears a ghost shirt and crucifix around his neck. These seemingly irreconcilable symbols of the clash of cultures are more than meet the eye. If one delves deep enough into the history of the ghost dance and the prophet Wovoka, one will begin to understand the symbolic nature of the interwoven destiny of the two cultures bound in the struggle of the American West. Black Moon is an enigma, much like America itself. The mystery beckons you to draw your own conclusion. Think for yourself. This is the way of the peaceful warrior.

BLACK MOOON | Custom Canvas Print



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