There are several different types of prints available for about 50 of my paintings right now. If you are overwhelmed looking for the type of print you want, I hope this helps!

Fine Art Prints
These are my most popular prints sold. They are simple and great quality. Fine art prints are printed on really high-quality fine art paper. It has a smooth finish but it is matte, meaning the finish is flat, no shine like a photo print. There is always a white boarder around every fine art print and so the dimension of the actual art is not the same as the paper it is printed on.

Soul Catcher Fine Art Print 

Pro Tip: You will most likely want to have your fine art prints framed, and I always recommend you wait til the print arrives before purchasing the frame. The best thing is to have them professionally framed. Keep them in the packaging and let the framer take them out for you, so you can avoid smudges or wrinkles. If you frame it yourself, take it out of the packaging to measure and decide what size frame you want and then put it back in the packaging. I recommend you wear gloves while handling your print.

Framed Fine Art Prints
These are the same as fine art prints, matte finish. The difference is that they come already framed for you. So if you want to save some time and money on framing your fine art prints, this is the way to go. The shipping for these takes longer because they are custom framed and the packaging is different.

Quannah Parker Framed Fine Art Print

Canvas Prints
These are a great option if you are looking for a print that looks similar to an original painting. My canvas prints are all hand-stretched and are gallery quality. The largest my regular canvas prints come is 24x36". Not all paintings work for all sizes of canvas prints. In fact, there are some paintings that don't work in this format at all due to the dimensions of the original paintings. These are a great option for grouping several canvas prints together. Click here to discover which canvas prints are the same dimensions and some ideas of how to display them together.

Crazy Horse II Canvas Print

Framed Canvas Prints
These are my newest prints available and I am really excited to offer you canvas prints that are already framed! These are the same as the canvas prints above, hand stretched, great quality, smaller scale, and not all images are available in these type of prints. The floating frames are available in black, brown and white! The frame really just finishes the canvas prints so beautifully. 

Peta Nacona Framed Canvas Print

Custom Canvas Prints
These are the canvas prints you will find in the high end art galleries I work with. They are larger scale and the highest quality. The sizes depend on the dimensions of the original artwork. However, if you are looking for more than one of the same size, you can reference this guide. All of my paintings are available as custom canvas prints. If you want a quote on a framed custom canvas print, message us through the chat option on my website.

Brings them to the Light Custom Canvas Print 54x54"

Hand Embellished Custom Canvas Prints
These prints are only offered annually, in the month of October, or you can get them in one of my galleries. They are one of a kind pieces of art and the closest thing to an original painting. I have an incredible, large-scale, print created for you and then I add paint to the print, creating something different and unique to your piece. No two hand embellished prints are ever the same.

Hand Embellished First American (compare to original)

Hand Signed Prints
When I first started selling prints, these where the only type of prints I sold, so they are kind of sentimental to me. These are locally printed on luster photo paper. They come to you rolled. I go to the print shop and personally sign each one. My signature will be in a permanent paint marker, usually gold, just next to the printed signature. The photo paper these are printed on is 30x40" but obviously not all my paintings work perfectly with these dimensions. So, like the fine art prints, there is always a white boarder on all sides around the artwork. Again, don't buy a 30x40 frame and expect it to work. I also recommend getting these professionally framed. Because they are printed on photo paper, you want to be especially careful when handling them, wear gloves! Here is more about What to Expect with Hand Signed Prints.

Black Bird Hand Signed Print

Metal Prints
These are new and might be my favorite! I have been selling metal prints in galleries for years, and finally I figured out how to offer them to you! These are just super cool, may paintings almost look alive and three dimensional printed on metal. They are glossy and crisp. If you're looking for something modern, this is the way you want to go! They come with a French cleat for hanging, no frame required. They are durable and look stunning on the wall!

Fire Sky Metal Print

I hope this helps with your shopping and that you find art you will cherish for years to come.

- Greg


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