The Difference between Custom Canvas Prints and Canvas Prints

I offer two different types of canvas prints. First, there is the basic canvas print, that is a more affordable price point. They are good quality and you will love them! They come in certain sizes only and so not every painting is available because some paintings don't work well with the standard sizes. The sizes range from 16x16" up to 24x36" for this type of print.

Canvas print of Crazy Horse II size 24x36" 

Second, I offer Custom Canvas Prints. Every painting I have done can be printed as a custom canvas print. If you want one and you don't see it on the website, please let us know. They are also generally larger but they can be printed in a variety of sizes, so if there is a certain size you need, please reach out. The custom canvases on the website are 36" x 36" or 54" x 54" depending on the shape of the original painting, they are either square or rectangular. PLEASE NOTE: THE EXACT DIMENSIONS MAY VARY SLIGHTLY DEPENDING ON THE ORIGINAL ART WORK. 

Custom prints of Brings them to the Light & Black Hand, both 36x36"

The Process

The Canvas Prints on the website are created and shipped quickly via a third party. They are hand stretched over solid wood bars and coated with a matte finish. If the painting you want comes in the standard size, you will be happy with the product.

The Custom Canvas Prints of the website are created by a different third party and are carefully custom ordered. This company has a stelar reputation and I personally am thrilled with their expertise and quality. They do take a little longer to get to you because they are custom and made-to-order. Expect 4 weeks from time of order til delivery.

Hand Embellished Canvas Prints

There is an additional option when it comes to custom canvas prints that my customers really love. I have a canvas print locally made by hand-picked artisans and I have it delivered to my studio where I personally hand embellish the print to make it look more like an original painting. I usually change up the warpaint and alter other details so it becomes a one-of-a-kind piece!

Snapshot of hand embellished First American. Compare it to original

You can discover all about hand-embellished prints HERE.

Please note: hand-embellished prints are exclusively available in the month of October. This is so I can get them done in time for the holidays and everyone gets their gifts on time. And so I can offer special prices.

So there you have it, the difference between the Canvas Prints and the Custom Canvas Prints on the website. As always, please contact us with any questions or special orders!

- Greg


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