Stying your Wall: Which Paintings Work Well Together

It can feel overwhelming to chose prints from my website. And it often happens that customers want get two or more pieces and hang them together. So I am here to offer some suggestions about which paintings work well together based on dimensions. It can get a little tricky because I use several different canvas sizes to paint the originals. Hopefully, this takes a little of the guesswork out of your shopping experience and helps you create a wall display of my art that  you love.


You may or may not have noticed, quite a few of my paintings were created on square canvases. This makes is pretty easy to group these particular pieces together. Here is a list of all the current prints available as squares and some suggestions as to which ones I think work best together.

Blood Wolf, White Bull, Black Hand, Blood Horned Antelope, Quannah Parker, The Black Dragon, Silent Lake, Black Bird, American Horse, Night Crow, Iron Shirt, Ghost Wolf, Conquering Eagle

Here's an example, this is Blood Wolf & Black Hand, both are square and they look great side-by-side. These are shown as regular canvas prints in size 16x16" (all of my square canvas prints are available in 16x16").

The red warpaint on Blood Wolf is symbolic of the Red Road, the virtuous road in life. "Walk the red road." The warpaint on Black Hand symbolizes that the warrior was unarmed and defeated an armed opponent, took the weapon as his own, and was victorious. I like these two stories together because when we, as warriors, walk the red road (do what's good in life) we are strong, strong enough to defeat an armed opponent and win!

This is a cool idea, you can have profiles facing each other. This is Conquering Eagle & Silent Lake. They are show in the largest size I offer 54x54". These are Custom Canvas Prints. You could get something really special and get these hand-embellished. Remember, I am only offering hand-embellished prints during the month of October, this is why.


Above (left to right) top row: Blood Wolf, Black Bird, Conquering Eagle, Silent Lake, bottom row: Brings them to the Light, Black Hand, Blood Hand Bear, American Horse (all shown 16x16" canvas prints)

Want to make a big statement? Try grouping several square canvas prints together. One of the best things about the canvas prints is that you don't need a frame for them, they come ready to hang on the wall.

What about prints that aren't square? 

Here are some prints that are the same dimensions and will display nicely together...

Like I said, you don't have to frame them, but you can! I am able to offer framing on certain sizes of custom canvas prints. Black Hand White Raven and Blood Hand Bear are pictured here. These are 39x36" custom (and framed) canvas prints. If you want a price on my framed canvas prints, please use the messaging feature on my website to inquire. 


Crazy Horse II and Light Path are also the same dimensions and are a great option for pairing prints. They are shown here as custom canvas prints; 46x36". They will also work well together in other print formats.

Peta Nacona and Petalasharo are the same dimensions and pair perfectly together. Here, they are shown as 48x36" custom canvas prints but they should hang well together in all formats.

If you are looking for three prints that work well together, Rain in the Face, Light Cloud and the Spirit Bear, and He Crow are all the same dimensions. They are shown here in custom canvas prints 41x36". Of course, if custom canvas prints aren't in your budget, these three prints also work together as smaller, regular canvas prints that are more affordable. 

More images that are the same dimensions:

Raven Hand + Touch the Clouds + Washakie

Wolf King + Wolf Robe

Fire Sky + Ghosts of Wounded Knee

Blue Wolf Rising + Crazy Horse

Please Note: My team works hard for the white backgrounds of my prints to match as much as possible, but these paintings were created over decades and the white of the backgrounds are not always the same. However, with custom prints, an extra effort is made to make pieces ordered together to match. 

- Greg


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